Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality by Henry Cloud


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Dr. Henry Cloud takes his own experiences and stories from his life and successfully makes a deep dive about integrity and character. Cloud gives the reader full understanding of our underlying issues, gives us insight on how to change our outlook, which helps us attain what we believe is possible for ourselves.



Integrity. It is more than simple honesty; it’s the key to success. A person with integrity often has the rare ability to pull everything together, to make it all happen no matter how challenging the circumstances. Drawing on experiences from his work with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and individual leaders, Dr. Henry Cloud, a clinical psychologist and nationally syndicated radio host, shows how our character can keep us from achieving all we want to (or could) be.


InĀ Integrity, Dr. Cloud explores the six qualities of character that define integrity, and how people with integrity:

  • Are able to connect with others and build trust
  • Are oriented toward reality
  • Finish well
  • Embrace the negative
  • Are oriented toward increase
  • Have an understanding of the transcendent

Integrity is not something that you either have or don’t, but instead is an exciting chance for growth that all of us can engage in and enjoy.

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ISBN-13: 9780060849696

Published by: HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Date: 06/02/2009

Pages: 304


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