What is E.A. Montgomery?

E.A. Montgomery is a family owned business offering product to create a recognizable network –

( ⬤     ⬤ ) signifying the actions of a high performer. 

We are solving for both health and wealth, raising personal standards and promoting hard-line values (the gentleman’s code).

This is what it means to Live Your Best.

We're All About the Gentlemen's Code - iRADAR

Integrity – Do the right thing, even when it is the toughest option

Respect – All people deserve respect unless proven otherwise

Accountability – Hold yourself accountable for your actions

Discipline – Be the example of hard work

Artistry – Harness your creativity and share with others

Resolve – Finish what you start

What's up with the two dots?

The trademark dots for E.A. Montgomery  indicate action and creates a network of people who are recognized as high performers.